Toughness Defined

By Eddie Smith
June 19, 2012

Omaha:  Every June the eyes of the sports world turn their eyes to the most appropriate host of any major sporting event in America.

The toughness that emanates from every inch of architecture, people and history in this blue-collar railroad town is also at the core of every team fortunate enough to be playing in the College World Series.

While the term toughness is often tossed around in casual baseball conversation, it is rarely defined.  Initially, The word sparks images of a lumberjack-looking man gripping an oversized bat with bulging forearms and tobacco spit dripping down a grizzled beard and staining a ragged uniform as he crushes another ball into the outfield light structures.

But, in reality the toughness these championship teams have is more similar to an enduring Ironman champion meshed with the grit of the men who laid the original railroads in Omaha.

It is impossible to completely define this toughness that we hear so much about – if it were that easy, perhaps it would not be such an elusive quality for so many teams.  Yet there are several aspects of the game of baseball in which toughness can defined.  Here are examples of this toughness that the great teams do every time:

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