Go Ahead, Have an Affair

By Ryan Leake
September 23, 2011

“Man, I did love this game…It was a game…The sounds, the smells.  Did you ever hold a ball or a glove to your face?”  Shoeless Joe Jackson, Field of Dreams

Have you ever felt true love?  Real, genuine love?  Not creepy middle-school-crushes.  Not “first-time” infatuation.  And definitely not superfluous fluff full of “honeys”, “sweeties”, and “sugar pies” where the right arm is around your significant other and the left is busy texting the foreign girl two doors down.  I’m talking about love that leaves you mystified with emotion.  The kind of love that gets you lost in another’s eyes for hours on a Sunday morning.  Love so deep, so intrusive, that the mention of their name infuses your soul and exits your body in the comforting form of a smile.

That is rare.  Do you know anyone who has ever professed a love of such depth and unadulterated passion?  If you do I applaud that individual, and you, for experiencing something that comes around as often as an unassisted triple play.  Many have heard of such love but are resigned to stories written by Danielle Steele and Reese Witherspoon movies to achieve some sense of love-fulfilled.  But we all know life isn’t an ongoing romantic comedy where inevitably the cute little blond with the big heart will end up with the man of her dreams. Life can be unforgiving.  Unrelenting.  A ceaseless test of humanity’s willingness to survive, adapt, and sustain.  Life is unpredictable; which makes opening up and allowing someone else in an extremely difficult task.  So it came as no surprise that, when asked to fall in love with the game, Santa Clara’s Baseball players were visibly uncomfortable.

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