Points of Impact

Rocky BalboaBy Ryan Leake

About a week ago I was hitting fungos during batting practice (BP) and casually carrying on a conversation with Jose Vizcaino Jr. when he posed a very pointed question.

“What do you think is our team’s biggest weakness?”  The little (actually big, he’s like 6’3”) bugger caught me flat-footed and nearly knocked me over with sincerity.  Usually once practice reaches BP players abandon critical thought and default to a more autonomous state of mind: see ball, hit ball.  Jose has been on the DL recently and wasn’t taking part in BP but decided to catch return throws from infielders for me.  Apparently he had forgotten to turn off his active mind.  I felt like Rocky Balboa after his first round with Ivan Drago.  I was stunned because no one expects to have to think while hitting fungos.  Toss the ball.  Grab the fungo.  Hit the ball.  Spit.  Scratch.  Repeat.

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