Find Your Nature

By Ryan Leake

In ancient Tibet, three beggars were talking.  One said, “I wish I were the governor. He’s the richest man in the town.  Then I could live in comfort, and everyone would respect me.” 


“Why do you play baseball?”  Simple question right?  Perhaps…question mark

“I love hitting!”  Very original.  Do you love it when you’re O-fer your last fifteen?

“I love pitching!”  Great champ.  What about when you haven’t pitched in two weeks?

I love how pretty the field is!”  Fan-freakin’-tastic…landscape architecture is a fascinating area of study .

“I can’t imagine playing in anything but those faaaabulous baggy uniforms.”  Oh right, because the game changes if you were playing in jeans and a t-shirt.  Tell it to the Caribbean Islanders dude.

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