A Christmas Story of Giving

By Kellen Lee
December 20, 2011

Everyone talks about people having to “take” personal responsibility but no one ever talks about “giving” personal responsibility. In the spirit of Christmas, I feel like the idea of giving is a great theme to follow, especially for my first blog post. Throughout this fall quarter, the Bronco Baseball coaching staff has given many different tools to the baseball team to help them with the personal responsibility that we hear everyone talk about. First of all, I must say, it is quite ironic that I am writing about this topic because Coach Campo “assigned” me this blog about a week before he wanted it done, and I am writing it the day he wants it. This goes to show you that even people that have everything figured out in life need some guidance at times.

Now you may ask, what are the tools the staff has given to the players? Well first you should know that they can’t be found at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or in the gym doing only bicep exercises. Not those kinds of tools. These kinds of tools can be utilized in every facet of life. These tools are mastered by the most successful corporations and companies in the world. These tools are second nature to the greatest athletes. These tools widen the gap between championship teams and mediocre teams. Details of the tools coming soon.

In order to provide the tools, the coaching staff needed a platform and setting to do so. So every Friday this fall instead of practicing, we hosted Baseball 101. At first people might be thinking “wait a second, these are college baseball players, they don’t need to take a day each week to teach the basics of baseball!” Baseball 101 actually has NOTHING to do with baseball. Each week, a new topic was addressed that provided tools for achieving success. Now, don’t get me wrong, the topics discussed and tools provided can be used on the baseball field, but more importantly can be used outside the lines. Baseball 101 was also coupled with something called “Piles” (short for Dogpile, aka something we WILL do), which will be explained a little later. Now into the meat and bones of a few of my favorite Baseball 101s.

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