Peter Summerville


All Your Favorites:

  • Food: Barbequed Steak
  • Movie: Dumb and Dumber
  • Movie Character: Harry or Lloyd
  • Book (Author): Juiced (Jose Canseco)
  • Book Character (what book?): No favorite character, any non-fiction book
  • Show:  Intentional Talk
  • Type of Music:  Country, Hip-Hop, techno
  • Musical Artist or Band: Jason Aldean, Eminem
  • Song (Artist):  My Kinda Party by Jason Aldean
  • Artist:  Lil Wayne
  • Painting:   Modern Paintings
  • City (foreign or domestic):  Palm Springs, CA
  • State:   Washington
  • Country:  Australia
  • Place (anywhere):  Home in Seattle
  • Sport:   Baseball
  • Activity:   Hanging out with Friends
  • Hobby:   Ping-pong, fishing
  • Board Game:   Monopoly
  • Monopoly Piece:   Thimble
  • Quote:   “Baseball is 90 percent mental….the other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra

Why did you choose Santa Clara?
I chose Santa Clara based on the academic reputation of the University and the amazing athletic facilities for the baseball team. Another reason why I chose Santa Clara is the weather. Being from Seattle, it is nice to have sun almost everyday and play baseball.

What draws you to baseball? What is special about the college game?
I love the game of baseball because you are learning life lessons everyday at the field. So one day when we are not able to play, we will be able to transfer over many philosophies and lessons that can be applied to everyday life. The college game is so special because of the chemistry that is created with your teammates everyday. The time we spend together is something that not a lot of people get an opportunity to do, so it is very rewarding to get to experience that on a daily basis.

Who is your favorite guy on the team to compete with? To compete against? Why?
I think being surrounded by a great group of catchers is the best in terms of competition. We are always pushing each other to be the best catching unit in the nation.

Top 5 people, living or dead, to compete against? In what?

  • Usain Bolt (track)
  • Lance Armstrong (biking)
  • Albert Pujols (hitting)
  • Skip Bayless (Overall sports knowledge)
  • Andrew Summerville (My bother…. always competing)

5 people, living or dead, to have coffee with?

  • Albert Pujols
  • Alex Rodriquez
  • Bill Gates
  • Skip Bayless
  • Babe Ruth

What would you do with a billion dollars?
I would have a few different houses in these places: Seattle, Hawaii, Kansas or Nebraska, and California. Travel to many different places that I haven’t been: Australia or anywhere in Europe.

What do you want to be doing in 10 years?
I still want to be involved with the game of baseball. If I am not still playing, I want to be working in the front office for an organization.

What does your ideal day look like?
An ideal day for me would be able to workout, go to class, lift, eat and then go to the field. An ideal day is always spending the majority of the day at the baseball field.

What’s the #1 item on your Bucket List?
Go to every single state in the US, including all Major League Baseball stadiums. Also as many minor league stadiums as well.


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