What’s “RD”?

By Ryan Leake
October 24, 2011

“Live life through the windshield, not the rearview mirror…”  – Colin Cowherd (ESPN Radio)

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Santa Clara Baseball has been implementing “RD” into its general vernacular.  “RD” marks the top of daily practice plans.  ItRD flanks the entryway of the home dugout.  It appears on the club’s practice shirts and hats.  “RD” may even become the subject of jewelry, tattoo art, and secret societies.  Enough whispers and grumblings have meandered through Santa Clara proper to where it’s only fair that some light is shed on Bronco Baseball’s adoption of “RD”.  The last thing our players and staff would want to do is alienate Bronco faithful and make them feel withdrawn from a topic as grandiose as “RD”.  The build-up is clearly substantial when a lowly member of the coaching staff (the strength coach) is asked (very hush-hush and on the QT) by an assistant athletic director to elaborate on “RD”.   What better platform to answer everyone’s questioning and speculation than to announce “RDs” significance via internet blog…for the world to see.  This, therefore, is my attempt to appease the masses…



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