Why It Matters

By Jeff Mitchell
February 27, 2012

Those who know me well will attest that very few topics get me going like baseball does.  I love everything about the sport, from its tradition to its quirks.  I’m fascinated with the nuances of the game, and I hold a particular affinity for both the infield fly rule and a well-turned double play.  As a former collegiate student-athlete, I fondly recall my experience as a four-year member of the baseball team at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.  As I reflect on my collegiate experience, I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of a program that respects baseball and that boasts a long tradition of excellence.

So it will come as no surprise that I have a special interest in developing the improvement of Santa Clara baseball.  One of my responsibilities as an Assistant Athletic Director is to serve as the sport administrator for our baseball program.  This past summer, our Athletic Director, Dan Coonan, and I set out to find a new head baseball coach for Santa Clara.   Our goal was to find an individual who had a history of developing winning baseball teams and who stood for what is good, right, and pure about intercollegiate athletics.

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