For the Love of Family Guy

By Ryan Leake
November 17, 2011

A few weeks ago Coach Campo was searching for ways to diversify and upgrade the RDbaseball website.  If it was going to be a true representation of Santa Clara Baseball, and an honest attempt to acquire interest from outlets other than girlfriends, family, and athletic department staff it needed to be personalized.  “Coach Leake’s BS is great,” he went on to say.  “But fans want to know the players; not some attention-hog of a coach.”

True, Coach Leake’s BS is great (awesome, the best, stupendous, enthralling, riveting, dynamic…any other superlative you can think of).  Yes, fans want to know the players (maybe the coaches, even those of the “attention-starved” variety, too).  Boom, consider it done!  Thanks to Campo’s vision, a system was put in place to familiarize fans with Santa Clara baseball players.  In the coming days you’ll begin to notice an accumulation of extensive profiles on the RDbaseball blog.  Questions range from the reason for choosing Santa Clara to ideal first date to favorite Monopoly piece; a wide array of questions allowing fans a glimpse into the minds of our Broncos.  I’ve spent the past hour or so perusing the first few entries (complete with photos of each team member) and couldn’t help but notice a few early trends.

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