Garrett Doane


All Your Favorites:

  • Food: Carne Asada Burrito
  • Movie: Step Brothers
  • Movie Character: Ricky Bobby
  • Book (Author): Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins
  • Book Character (what book?): Peta, Hunger Games
  • Show:   Dexter
  • Type of Music:   Country, Alternative, and Rap
  • Musical Artist or Band:  Train
  • Song (Artist):  When I look to the Sky, Train
  • Artist:  Leonardo da Vinci
  • Painting:   The Last Supper
  • City (foreign or domestic):  Prescott, AZ
  • State:   Arizona
  • Country:  United States of America
  • Place (anywhere):  Man made lake by my house
  • Sport:   Baseball
  • Activity:   Long Board
  • Hobby:   Lacing and taking care of Gloves
  • Board Game:   Candy Land or Clue
  • Monopoly Piece:   Car
  • Quote:   “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” –Albert Einstein

Why did you choose Santa Clara?
I chose Santa Clara because I was blown away with the excellent coaching staff and how committed they were to recruit me. Also the academics at Santa Clara are phenomenal. The beautiful School and weather were just the cherries on top.

What draws you to baseball? What is special about the college game?
I was born and raised around Baseball, nothing drew me to the game. I loved the game since day one and everyday I am out on the field I am reminded why I love the game. Baseball at the college level is much more crisp and fast paced which makes the game just as fun and energetic.

Who is your favorite guy on the team to compete with? To compete against? Why?
I love competing with and against Peter Summerville because he pushes me to do better. Even in a competition when we are trying to beat each other he will still give me some pointers. He is also just a  great guy that you can joke with.

Top 5 people, living or dead, to compete against? In what?
I would have loved to compete against Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Pete Rose, Hank Aaron and Reggie Jackson in baseball.

5 people, living or dead, to have coffee with?

  • Michael C Hall
  • Mumford and Sons (The whole band)
  • Pat Monohan
  • Lou Gehrig
  • Mike Piazza

What would you do with a billion dollars?
Donate $700,000,000 then keep the other $300,000,000 to support my family and live a nice life.

What do you want to be doing in 10 years?
Playing MLB.

What does your ideal day look like?
An ideal “relaxing” day would be to wake up around 10, have an amazing breakfast, sit on the beach until sunset with a beautiful lady, then eat dinner and watch a movie. RELAX.

What’s the #1 item on your Bucket List?
Go to Iceland!