Mike Couch (’13)

1) All Your Favorites:
a. Food: Sushi
b. Movie: The Gladiator
c. Movie Character: Mel Gibson in The Patriot
d. Book (Author): The Life of Pi
e. Book Character (what book?): Holden Caulfield
f. Show: Dual Survival
g. Type of Music: Reggae
h. Musical Artist or Band: Slightly Stoopid
i. Album: Breakdown Jack Johnson
j. Song (Artist): Lovely Day (Bill Withers)
k. Artist: Kevin Walsh
l. Painting: Mickey and Tikis Kevin Walsh
m. City (foreign or domestic): Gustavus, Alaska
n. State: California
o. Country: United States
p. Place (anywhere): Lake Tahoe
q. Sport: Football
r. Activity: Playing Sports
s. Hobby: Drawing
t. Board Game: Risk
u. Monopoly Piece: Dog
v. Quote: “You afraid of sweating? Why don’t you go ahead put your foot down on the gas and start working.”

2) Why did you choose Santa Clara?
Close to home, good school, opportunity to play baseball

3) What draws you to baseball?  What makes it appealing to you?  What is special about the college game?
I like it because it’s a team sport centered around individual battles, giving you the opportunity to compete with someone every pitch.  I like how I learn something new about the game every day, and its history.  I like college baseball because it still seems to be a big team sport, instead of pros winning games with a couple donkeys in the line-up.

4) Who is your favorite guy on the team to compete with?  To compete against?  Why?
I like competing against Kenny and Twig because I know they both give everything they have when they work and they challenge me to do the same.  I like competing with them because we are good friends but are able to get on each other, and bring the best out of each other.

5) Top 5 people, living or dead, to compete against?  In what?

  • Coach Ribas-any overall fitness competition
  • Ray Lewis- any overall fitness competition
  • Tim Tebow– QB challenge
  • Pujols and The Babe- Pitch to them
  • Floyd Mayweather- straight up fight

6) 5 people, living or dead, to have coffee with?

  • Babe Ruth
  • Both of my Grandpas
  • Bob Gibson
  • Tupac
  • Bob Marley

7) What would you do with a billion dollars?
Give most of it to charities, my mom, dad, and brothers and keep enough to have a ranch in Montana, buy a boat for Lake Tahoe, travel to the 6 habitable continents and live comfortably in a nice place in the Bay Area. (Sorry, not that creative)

8) #1 on your Bucket List?
Do an expedition race through South America with my brothers

10) What’s your ideal 1st date?  Who?  What?  Where?
With Rihanna.  Spend the day hiking around to different waterfalls in Hawaii and then go back and have dinner at the beach with Jack Johnson playing music.


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