By Powell Fansler (’14)


Choices. That’s what we have in life. There is always more than one choice, whether that be to study or not to study, to focus on the last sprint or to simply run it, or to save your younger brother from drowning or run and get someone else. I chose to save my brother and I did it with roller skates on, holding him above my head and skating up the deep end trying to get him above water. He lived and I won’t ever take back that choice. But there have been harder choices to make in my life, a lot harder. The choices that force you to grow up, that show you how hard the game of life can be. In the sixth grade I chose to wake up at 5:00 AM every day to help my parents, who were always gone working, make the lunches for us kids. In the seventh grade when I was granted my first cell phone I made sure to let my parents know how each of my siblings were going to get home and when; I knew where everybody was and how to get them home if I needed to. My parents were busy working and I decided to help lessen their worry.

In high school I made the choice to take baseball somewhere that I couldn’t go or afford—college. As a freshmen in high school I trained every day and continued to make choices that would get me to my goal, to play professionally or in college. I was presented with the one of the hardest choice in my life during the summer going into my junior year of high school. In one second my life would change forever. At my first and last baseball showcase I landed in a full squat from a broad jump, and with all the force in my body concentrating in my knees tore my meniscus. Upon finding out that I needed surgery five days before the actual surgery, I had to make a decision. Was this injury going to break my dreams of playing at the next level? Was this surgery going to take away my talent? I chose to take the challenge, to not let this surgery influence my ability to make it to the next level and not take away my talent. In six months I came back and was in the best condition of my life and it was time to pitch in the first pre-season game.

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