A New Age: Instant Replay

By Mac Hess (’14)

There is a certain purity to baseball. Something that cannot be explained. In this world of technology we live in, baseball seems to be one of the remaining pure and simple luxuries. This is the reason I am going to look into the use of instant replay in the MLB. I personally do not want there to be instant replay for a variety of reasons that I will outline later. But the most important question we must ask ourselves in the decision for instant replay is whether or not it will destroy the innocent nature of the game.

According to ESPN, the Major League Baseball officials spent two hours last week outlining the new details for the new instant replay system. The main additions to the replay system are, 1) managers get one challenge per game, if they win their challenge, they are awarded one more, 2) from the 7th inning on, umpires are given authority to review a play on their own, 3) all plays are reviewed by replay umpires that are stationed in New York, 4) virtually all plays are reviewable except balls and strikes. There are a few other replay rules, but these are the foundation for the new rules in instant replay.

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