Hard Wood Grows Slow

By Dan O’Brien

What’s your favorite Doc Holiday quote from the movie Tombstone?

Is it ..

“I’m your huckleberry.”
“You’re a daisy if you do.”
“Not me, I’m in my prime.”
“Because Wyatt Earp is my friend.”

or even a personal favorite …

“Wyatt you’re the only human being in my entire life that ever gave me hope.”

Not that you asked, but mine is one you may not recall …

“I stand corrected Wyatt, you’re an Oak.”

This week, classes began on the Mission Campus and thus Bronco Baseball begins their ’13-’14 campaign with a veteran group of seniors welcoming a talented and energetic group of 18 freshman into the clubhouse. Together the group brings tremendous energy,  renewed hope, and an overall optimism that is exciting and contagious.

But wait, aren’t the Broncos bad?  Didn’t you guys only win 14 games last year?
Hasn’t the program struggled for years?

This has been a topic I admittedly am tired of addressing but understandingly am forced to explain. Maybe, with this passage, I can help put those questions to pasture.


The sign “Please excuse our mess” speaks to the very obvious point that things are not good.  Lets be clear, in 2013 the Broncos were a mess.  But without running down the list of Abraham Lincon’s failures before greatness, nor sighting the struggles of many great organizations who fell before they rose, I’ll simply refer to a more relevant sign as it relates to the Bronco Baseball program…

So you know, our Bronco Baseball vision is crystal clear and our determination is stronger than ever.  In fact, I’ll give it to you in clearer terms … we’re building a winning program at Santa Clara and WE WILL win championships!

Last year was a part of our progress, and while current sports culture is fixated on instant gratification, the truth is that hard wood grows slow.

In my mind one of the greatest compliments a man can receive,
and those who’ve helped build the program will soon receive, is
“You’re an Oak”

Welcome to another year of Bronco Baseball.

— Dan O’Brien


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