Deodorizing Courage

By Dan O’Brien
May 8, 2012

We all know that winning is the ultimate deodorizer.  Who doesn’t love a winner?

More importantly, however, is to recognize those who choose to be courageous and confident when they’re stinkin’ up the place … and to acknowledge those who choose to be proud of them for their courage.

While you thought you were proud of the Broncos earlier this season, I encourage you to extend that pride beyond the wins and losses.  Perhaps take even more pride in their recent courage in the face of adversity.

The Broncos, who have struggled as of late after an inspiring start, are a group that have been challenged, and are choosing to respond.

After a game in late April during a season of ups and downs, the Broncos were challenged to be more courageous.  Ten core principles were laid out and they could only return the next day if they chose to show courage in the face of adversity, and commit to those principles…

I will have the courage to:

  1. …be our strongest link
  2. …be a selfless teammate & do whatever I can to help myself & the team improve
  3. …be positive in the face of adversity
  4. …have outstanding body language and positive reactions to adversity
  5. …keep my standards high for preparation, work ethic & commitment
  6. …not only face my fears, but attack them
  7. …recognize that struggle is progress
  8. …love success yet embrace the suck
  9. …have the time of my life at the yard every day
  10. …mentally and physically fight until the last pitch is thrown

It’s hard not to be proud of those who choose greatness, especially in the face of adversity.  And so it is with you, our Bronco Baseball friends and family.  Come out and support a group that chooses to embrace adversity rather than run from it.  Join us at the ballpark, and help show your support and appreciation for true courage.


Dan O’Brien
Head Baseball Coach
Santa Clara University


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